CareVirtue conducted a National Institutes of Health sponsored feasibility study with 51 dementia family caregivers who invited a total of 60 secondary caregivers to form care networks. The feasibility results establish acceptability and usability of CareVirtue for caregivers. The age-friendly platform received a System Usability Scale score of 81.8, indicating ‘excellent’ usability, and caregiver interviews showed CareVirtue was helpful for practical, organizational, and emotional support.

The study showed that personal caregiving networks can positively impact the actions taken to support people living with dementia. Collaborating with caregiving-focused agencies created connections with dementia caregivers in communities across the country. Development of partnerships with public health agencies, coordination on BOLD initiatives, and relationships with community agencies and dementia care specialists will enhance the reach of CareVirtue.

Research presented at BOLD Public Health Center of Excellence on Dementia Caregiving Conference, June 2022