Supporting Family Caregivers

Better Care. Improved Quality of Life.

A Care Support Platform for Family Caregivers

Create a Customized Care Guide

Build a personal, customized care guide for a loved one, including daily care requirements and important quality of life needs. Add details everyone should know - food & drink preferences, personal comfort needs, emergency contacts, and more.

Form a Trusted Care Circle

Securely share the care guide online with trusted people - family, friends, neighbors, home health aides, and others who provide care assistance. Having one, common shared care guide for a loved one helps ensure that all members "keep on the same page" when providing care.

Problem Solve Care Needs

Coordinate care needs and solve problems with online trusted group conversations and a care guide calendar. Who has the ball for grocery deliveries, transportation to the next doctor appointment, mom's bad reaction to a new medication? Members can share responsibilities.

Ensure Important Wishes

Make sure your loved one's wishes are known and followed. Beginning a gentle conversation on advance planning (producing an advance directive, also known as a living will) can provide reliable guidance in times of medical crisis.

Lower Caregiver Stress. Improve Quality of Life.